iPhone 4 Vibrates For No Reason?

I’ve been noticing over the past few days that my iPhone 4 seems to vibrate very softly, sporadically throughout day.

At first I thought I was crazy. The vibration is barely noticeable and the first few times it happened I simply dismissed it thinking must be going crazy. Luckily I’m not.

Anyone else noticing a very subtle vibration coming from their iPhone 4? I can’t seem to recreate it on command.

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10 Responses to “iPhone 4 Vibrates For No Reason?”

  1. Popjunkiesuperstar Says:

    yes, this actually happened to me today!!! thought i was getting a call and the ringer was not working…no call though…maybe it is an ighost?

  2. Oshawapilot Says:

    Is it on charge when it happens?

    I've discovered that my 4G doesn't play nice with some of my chargers I used with my 3G, often kicking on and off charge, presumably while the charger overloads (and kicks off momentarily) or the iPhone itself gets cranky about not getting as much power as it wants and does a cycle of some sort.

    When this occurs, it vibrates and I get the “charger connected' chime. If it was muted, I'm suspecting this would only be a vibration.

    Like the iPad, I'm wondering if the iP4 is not adhering fully to USB power standards and is asking for more then some devices can offer.

  3. Blah Says:

    it does it when there is no signal sometimes

  4. n8 Says:

    anyone have a problem that when they take a pic with the front facing camera and mms it, the recipient receives it sideways?

  5. Ryan Says:

    My 3GS does this, for sure! Occasionally it will vibrate quickly 3 times, then pause for a minute, then go 3 again. Don't know what it is! Maybe JB?

  6. Nobodys Says:

    I thought it was the shape or material of the back of the phone letting it glide on equally smooth surfaces. Or that it was vibration from my laptop's hard drive which caused it to slide off the laptop on onto the floor.

  7. Antonino Urbano Says:

    Wow that's so weird!
    I don't have the same problem.

  8. Wysteria Peacock Says:

    I think I may be having this same issue as well, but haven't been paying super close attention to it, as I thought I was crazy. Now i know others are having the same issue, I'll be more viligant, and if this continues, I may contact Apple.

  9. Ronald Ho Says:

    Do you have a mail account set up in the app?

    It could be the mail app fetching or pushing the new mail to your device. I know sometimes I get a random vibrate when using the phone or when im not using it and when i check for notifications there are none (but the mail app shows more mail in the badge)

  10. Dan0783 Says:

    I get a vibration on my 3G early sometimes, and then the email notification comes a few minutes later.

    It could also be phantom vibration syndrome.

    Any idea when Rogers will open up online upgrade sales?

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